By: Tina A. Mcquaid

Shop Local Food and Eat Securely: Ways to stop fakes

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I just read an article about how thieves are replacing and adding products to foods with the intent to make money with little repurcussions. In some instances, they use additives like paint or fertilizer to plump up or enhance the look of food, like olives or spices. High-end products like cheese are being replaced by lower-end foods but with the same packaging. In some instances, shops don't...Read More

By: Tina A. Mcquaid

10 Ways to Dazzle Home Buyers

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10 Ways to Dazzle Homebuyers This Spring ...Read More

By: Tina A. Mcquaid

Great Bungalows for Older Adults

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  ...Read More

By: Tina A. Mcquaid

Why Buying a Home Right Now Sucks (and How to Move In Before the Holidays!)

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*       2015 October 1 - Mississauga, ON: Buying a home this Fall can be a bit daunting! Houses are still priced higher than last year at this time by an average of 43 thousand dollars, and the amount of available houses for sale have dropped during the same time by around 15%. Meanwhile, the buying market remains consistently strong - with low interest rates remaining, your ...Read More

By: Tina A. McQuaid

Meadowvale Hockey Equipment Sale: Time to Gear Up! August 15, 2014

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Meadowvale Hockey Equipment Sale: It's Time to Gear Up! When: August 15, 2014 Where: Meadowvale Four Runks Parking Lot Time: 5pm-9pm What: This is a used hockey equipment sale designed to help anyone get hockey equiment for their kids (and even themselves) at fantastic prices. Various players have donated the equipment and the money will be raised to assis...Read More